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Spiritual and hygienic concepts, on veganism,

The heart of the matter

You know, I had been looking forward to this writing opportunity for quite some time. For a long time now, I have had my own thoughts on what I consider to be clean eating. When addressing the hygienic aspect of what is clean eating seems logical and easy enough, but it remains a sensitive and contentious matter when you consider this from the spiritual (or religious) side.

I digress from the way I introduced myself right from the start. I wonder if anyone can remember. I seem to recall saying that I prefer to be as forthright as possible, but here I have given the appearance of being soft. Perhaps that is not a bad thing. But now back to my bold side. I’ll forget about being mindful of those who consider themselves to be secular to the core and will pay full homage to those who have taken the time, trouble and discipline to remain as clean as possible in due consideration of their cultural, spiritual and religious requirements and beliefs.

So, what is clean eating?

I am attempting to give an explanation in the most rudimentary manner as possible. These spiritual and religious philosophies, really, readers, you have to admit, go hand in hand with giving due and serious consideration to your personal health and hygiene. Think about it as coherently as possible for a moment. Let’s take the matter of preparing and consuming meat.

Isn’t it true that under the watchful eye of the appointed laymen, meat is properly prepared to be as hygienic as possible for human consumption? In doing that, you also find that meat that is prepared authentically has minimal levels of fat and bacteria. Also, in striving to adapt to the organic lifestyle, you’ll be adopting similar practices to the religious fundamentalists and spiritual devotees. That’s not a bad thing, is it?

Say what you will, eating is a ritual

I take my hat off to those who decided to give the vegan eating practice a committed go. Under the previous sub-heading, I used the reference to ‘fundamentalism’ deliberately. I honestly believe that this connotation has been widely misunderstood by most secularists across the world. Do look up this term in a good dictionary and absorb its proper and true meaning. You could just say then, that committed and devoted vegans are fundamentalists.

And where healthy eating matters are concerned, I think we should all try to be fundamentalists for a while. Eating healthily should never be rushed in any case. Digest your food slowly and contemplatively and do strive always to enjoy your healthy meals in the company of others. In conversation, you can all share your food for thought.

Another angle in regards to taking your healthy eating matters on fundamentally is to exercise vigilance. Be as vigilant as possible in the supermarket and the kitchen. It takes time to adopt new healthy and spiritual habits. If you’ve been secular for most of your life and unless you are struck by divine intervention, your new healthy growth path is not going to happen overnight. So, in my small world, being a fundamentalist means being both pragmatic and patient.

Hygienic eating habits

Clean eating ties in so well with spiritual awareness and taking good care of your family’s hygienic requirements, don’t you think? I think my thoughts on juicing could also be blended into this practice. Whilst ensuring that all your fruit and vegetable produce remains clean of bacteria and pesticides and essentially organic, you can also take some time in the kitchen to ensure that all your utensils and work or food preparation surfaces are hygienically clean.

I mentioned this in my previous post and may as well repeat it here. Strive to be as sustainable as possible in the way you prepare all your ingredients, whether for the main meal of the day or just for juicing, and you will be taking care of hygiene. Think on this devotionally in consideration to how your behavior impacts on others, particularly your young children.

Some thoughts on going vegan

This is a personal journey still under consideration. I spoke about this in some of my earlier posts. It is not yet a done deal. I would like to experiment with veganism someday. I do regard this as more of a spiritual journey rather than a growth path towards complete health and wellness. But in any case, part of being healthy and well does entail being spiritually at peace. That, surely, takes some doing, but is well worth the effort, don’t you think.

If you are as excited about the subject of clean eating (and clean living, for that matter) as I was at having a go at writing this post, then I am quite sure you enjoyed this post. I hoped it opened your valves a bit. I hoped it played on your conscience and opened your heart to new thoughts on how you can refresh your body and mind purely through taking a lot more care over how you eat on a daily basis.

I shared some of my personal thoughts on clean eating practices and attempted to give my own definition. Personal thoughts continued to prevail as I ventured tentatively into spiritual (or religious) territory. The healthy coincidence cannot be missed. By being more spiritually aware (or religiously circumspect) you are essentially taking care of your own body’s hygiene.

And you can still be a secularist to appreciate this. Look out for my next post where I delve into the murky world of juicing. See you then.



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