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From shopping to growing and then to the table, We all love to shop, but how we do it is the thing I had a hearty chat with my father the other day over the unappetizing issue of plastic. Both he and my mother tower above most of us in regard to how we should lead our lives as organically as possible. It is all very well to perceive that you have organic eating habits, but have you considered just how organic this practice of yours is. One of the things that eats away at my conscience is the ridiculously high amount of plastic we continue to consume, and to a great degree still, waste. To a large degree, my mother and father have managed to eliminate most of their plastic use. How? Well simply by starting up their own organic vegetable garden. There’s no plastic there. As for the rest of us, still shopping down at the supermarket or even local green grocer, plastic, plastic and still more plastic, we just can’t seem to get rid of one of the world’s highest and worst pollutants. And what is all this plastic made from? Oil. Makes you think, doesn’t it. Speaking of oil, your vehicle uses it. Limit your shopping trips as far as you possibly can. No-one needs to go shopping every five minutes now do they. Let’s go shopping, organically, if you please My mother and father have had time on their hands as well-deserving pensioners. They have had more time to consider each and every item and practice within their means and control, respectively. In this urbanized environment, it is never perfect, but I like to believe that most of the time my folks are getting it right. They recycle and re-use as far as possible. That’s only when it is almost impossible to avoid purchasing an item without plastic cling-wrap around it. This reminds me of one no-no we should all be striving towards. Frozen vegetables are basically still quite good for us, provided it is organic. But is it, really? I think not. If frozen vegetables are still being pre-packed in plastic, how can that be organic? Large retailers like to boast how much ‘reduced plastic’ went into the packaging and processing production line, but in my book, plastic is still plastic. And yet more plastic. But I would love to take the practice further

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Hello! Did you miss me? You have no idea. I missed you this much too. So sorry that it’s been this long. Well, you could just say I was ‘gone fishing’. You would not have known because I never left a note on my blogging door. So sorry about that. Hope you can all forgive me. Anyway, it has been quite a journey, almost a year now. I feel I have come full circle in my own personal journey towards addressing matters related to health, wellness and healthy organic eating habits. There are some choppy waters out there, that much I can tell you. What is sustainable fishing? Among all the meat sources available to us at this point in time, I think it is fair to say that fish of all stocks, and those that are considered to be spiritually clean (look out for an interesting article later on covering this emotional theme), fish remains the healthiest of all. But the matter of indulging a bit more on fish has become sadly ironic and somewhat emotionally draining. It is a well-known fact that fish in general has the richest content of the essential Omega 3 fatty acid. Somewhere along the line, we should all be striving towards including fish in our diet to take care of this essential inclusion. But it has been an arduous challenge. Because of global pollution levels being so high, our scarce fish resources have become laced with mercury, quite poisonous if consumed in large quantities. So can you imagine how difficult this must be for small, coastal villages that rely on the ocean’s resources for their daily meals? Nevertheless, relying on them for our fish consumption leaves an invaluable clue towards sustainable fishing. In comparison to those large multi-national sea-faring deep sea fishing vessels, these communities are hardly creating a dent in our scarce marine resources. Just with one small fishing craft, these village fishermen are fishing sustainably. The ocean farers are not. How you can eat fish organically Not meaning to boast, but in preparation for this sub-heading, I did not need to dig very deep into my research archives. So far, as you have noted, it’s been personal thoughts all the way. And here I have given you a fine clue as to how you can enjoy your weekly fish curry or grilled haddock or tuna fish salad sustainably. By limiting yourself

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Hello everybody. So nice of you all to join me. I’m starting this blog post by giving thanks to the administrator for introducing you to me and my blog. Thanks so much for your kind and informative words. I’m going to dive straight into the work, if I may. Time is of the essence, and if you are on a road to recovery then you needn’t be held up by the likes of me. I hope you won’t mind that I’m bolshie at times. I hope you don’t mind that I’m opinionated at times. This is to get certain issues and perceptions on the epic world of natural nutrition and wellness off of my back. I’m a straight talker, particularly when I get excited about my passion for writing about health. And today, let me just tell you that I’m a professional health blogger. I am an expert in my field. The posts, going forward, this one too, are also open and over to you. Do I need to explain to you what you need to do in order to share your thoughts and ask questions? No, I thought not. Anyway, there may well be a time when references are given by the blog administrator in response to any queries or doubtful thoughts you might be having. If that happens, consider yourself naturally blessed. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to conduct your own research in what I’ll be posting, going forward. We are about halfway through this post already, so let’s get down to business, shall we? Oh, and I hope you enjoy the element of surprise. The blog administrator omitted to mention that I might be venturing off course every now and then. It’s not her fault, I didn’t tell her. The main reason for doing this is simply because if there’s an interesting piece of news and information related to natural nutrition and wellness I’ve found along the way during my reading and research, I’m going to be sharing it with you. Why hold things back, guys? Anyway, what is natural nutrition then? Does anybody have the exact answer to that? No, I thought so. Neither did I until I did my usual reading and research. This is what I came up with.  And do you know what, perhaps you’re not guilty of this as I was, it all boils down to common sense. I spent some

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