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The medical debate around de-toxing,

Personal thoughts

And so, yet another writing opportunity fell into my lap. I finally get to vent my spleen. My blog administrator asked me to do a blog post devoted purely to juicing. Thankfully, as has been the case in the past, she has given me carte blanche to come up with my own ideas. At this stage, I am almost certain that many of you have covered this topic quite extensively. Even so, many of you may be wondering if it is really worth the effort, and the risk, to go on a so-called juicing detox.

What is the detox?

And I can read on this subject until the smoothie cows come home, and we will still not have covered all the contentious bases. So, without further ado, let me just share with you my thoughts on juicing and its associated practice of doing the detox. I really think that it is essential that we fully understand and appreciate the slang definition.

This definition is nothing short of an abbreviation of ‘detoxification’. And by this is essentially meant that you are cleansing your body of harmful toxins and dirt accumulated during the processes of eating. There will, of course, be a much larger accumulation of such toxins and dirt if you happen to be a junk food addict. Or were. I think it’s safe to say that most of my readers are turning into health food junkies, and that’s a great thing.

Should you cleanse on just juice?

Since we first communicated and after many months of reading, I debated this question on a personal level. I have come to the personal conclusion that not, under any circumstances, is it a good idea to attempt a marathon juice cleans or detox. By marathon, I mean anything from the crazy idea of fasting on juice from thirty days to up to sixty days. I do, however, believe that a three day juice fast is not insurmountable. Not only as a healthy, cleansing fix, it can be a short spiritual journey as well. But do exercise care when attempting this.

If your health is still vulnerable, say for argument’s sake, you are still heavily overweight; it is a better course of action to first have a heart to heart with your consulting medical practitioner. He will have the final say on the matter. And what he may also be telling you is that while on the subject of detoxifying the body, the body’s kidneys and liver are already doing just that. So why go on a juice fast, one may ask.


The medical debate

In any case, if you are already well on your way to peak fitness and have been enjoying a healthy and balanced eating regimen for a good couple of years, you might be a prime candidate for taking on a three day juice fast, whether purely for cleansing purposes or even during a spiritual journey or religious festival. Your body could be strong enough for the sacrifice of depriving it of vital ingredients such as fiber for a couple of days. After your fast is completed, the body completely cleansed, it should not be longer than a couple days before you are able to replenish your stocks if you will.

But only if you are already in tip-top shape and medically declared to be healthy. A ten day juice fast, I do think, is pushing it a bit. More than enough medical and expert dietary (and nutritional) evidence and advice is available for all readers to settle the question for themselves for once and for all. The crux of the matter remains that while going on extended fasts, even if it is going to included healthy, organic fruits and vegetables, you will still be depriving your body of essential proteins and required energy levels to get through the vagaries of any busy day, physically active or sedentary.

Try and read clearly between the lines, between what the good doctors and their loyal dieticians and nutritionists advise and the fanatical bloggers and juicing advocates who unconvincingly say that there is nothing better than juicing above all else. Yes, juicing fasts will obviously cause you to lose weight, but will you be any healthier as a result.

Finally, my personal thoughts, once more

My conscience is clear on this matter. I am happy to say that my idea of balanced juicing habits is always going to work around a healthy eating (read; eating healthy, solid food) plan. Personally, and to be quite honest with you, I love juicing. Not so much that it is a sentimental practice for me who loves the taste sensations of ice cold juice running down my throat, but it does seem to compliment organic eating habits nicely. Or what do you think? How do you feel about blending juice making into a healthy plan? Don’t forget that you are always welcome to share your thoughts with us.

Well, I do hope you have enjoyed this rather introspective article in which I delved into my personal thoughts on the contentious matter of going on a juice fast to cleanse the body of harmful toxins or to lose weight, or both.

I gave you a little background on what the detoxification process entails and I backed my personal thoughts on the detox fast issue by pointing out the medical and dietary evidence which goes against the grain of the fad.

Here is hoping that we will meet again soon, next time, hopefully a lot sooner. See you then.



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