Wenona Hulsey


Good day.

Thanks to everybody for taking time out to follow this blog. This is Wenona’s blog on health-related issues. In it she specifically focuses on natural nutrition and the concept of wellness. Wenona is not an expert nor is she a professional or medical consultant by any means. But it is her outright passion as a health blogger that is going to drive this project forward. Wenona makes up for her (so-called) lack of expertise by way of her qualifications as a creative writer.

Since an early age, she always wanted to be a professional writer. The explosion of the blogosphere in the last ten years or so could not have come at a better time for her. Initially, after collecting her degree, she was not sure what she wanted to specialize in. The lesson taught to most creative writers is to write what you know. If only that were really true. On the commercial side, Wenona was always going to move in the direction of health, and now the new paradigm of going organic as a response to the global call to reduce the carbon footprint and help create a cleaner, greener and healthier environment not just for ourselves but for the generations that will follow us.

Right from the get go Wenona dived head first into her work. It helped that she was passionate about health and began researching some light material towards focusing specifically on natural nutrition and wellness. It is fair to say that her research skills and close attention to detail in regard to her reading practice more than makes up for the lack of a professional qualification in the nutritional and wellness fields, normally reserved for nutritionists, dieticians and clinical experts.

Wenona has provided a brief outline on likely talking points to take this blog forward. She’s going to be sharing her personal experience of creating a balanced diet for every day of the week, with specific focus on the budget. From there onwards, she’d like to have a discussion about the challenges of going wholly organic in order to achieve the ultimate state of wellness. She will be looking into current commentaries on the concept of wellness.

There will be a specific conversation on what natural nutrition constitutes. Around that will be an extension to Wenona’s previous personalized post on creating a balanced eating plan by way of bringing in exercise. She’ll then be going into a discussion on the specific differences between vegan and vegetarianism. She’d like to clear up some of the confusion experienced by many health-oriented readers.

She could very well be entering into an argument as to whether it is really a good idea to go entirely vegan or vegetarian by staking a claim on the importance of protein in the diet. During this discussion, she’ll be sharing her views on the previous carbo-loading fad by mainly long-distance road runners. From reading and research, she might be posting just three or four balanced eating and exercise plans proposed by health and wellness exponents.

Wenona would still like to have a chat with you on what it means to live organically. You can expect some correlation with the concept of wellness and how it advantages us towards living healthily. Please enjoy your reading with Wenona.