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Guest Post and Giveaway Toni LoTempio, Author of Raven's Kiss

Everyone join me in welcoming the wonderful author Toni LoTempio as she tells us a bit about herself and about her book, Raven's Kiss here at Inside The Mind of Wenona. I just recently finished Toni's book and I loved it from start to finish. Raven is a great, hard nosed woman that demanded I read page after page until I knew her whole story. I love a book that keeps me up late at night and this was one of them. But enough about what I think, time for me to turn the controls over to Toni LoTempio. Oh, Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Just a teasing taste of Raven's Kiss for you:

She could be the one…
The thought came, unbidden, as he watched the girl thread her way through the maze of smoke and tables to perch herself on the barstool directly across from his. A definite looker - pretty but not beautiful – she possessed enormous hazel-green eyes and thick, rich hair black as ebony that cascaded across her shoulders and glinted blue-black underneath the bar’s dulled overhead light. He tried to imagine a handful of that hair between his fingers, and decided it would feel like spun silk. He closed his eyes and visualized it wrapped like a scarf around her long, slender neck, her full, red lips forming a perfect O of shock and surprise as he pulled it tighter across her skin. He felt himself becoming aroused by the vision, and shifted on the stool. He lit a cigarette, blew a ring of smoke upwards, and fingered his empty glass. If that action would indeed generate such a response, he could just imagine what she’d do when…
“Another Scotch and soda, mister?”
The bartender’s question jolted him from his reverie and he nodded, focusing his attention once again to the girl. She seemed deep in conversation with the man next to her, a bearded guy who looked as if he lifted weights for a living. He leaned in closer and pressed his lips up against her ear. She threw back her head and laughed, a tinkling sound amidst all the clatter. She rested her hand briefly on the man’s arm, and he, apparently encouraged, slipped an arm around her shoulder and whispered something else. She tensed, withdrew her hand and turned away without a word. The man tried to initiate another conversation, but she shook her head and moved to the other end of the bar, where she struck up a conversation with a short, blonde man. The bearded man watched her for a moment, then slapped a bill down on the counter and moved away.
A few minutes later she turned her back on the blonde guy. He got up and left without a word.
 A tease, he thought. Even more perfect.
She’d moved back to her original stool now, and seemed interested in the frothy concoction the bartender had set in front of her. Another girl, short with curly red hair, sidled up to the bar.
“Hey, Jimmy,” she called out. “Give me a Pink Lady, won’t you?” She glanced briefly at the other girl, and her eyes opened wide. “Hey, fancy seeing you here? I thought you had an early class tomorrow?”
The brunette laughed and took a sip of her drink. “I do, but I’m so uptight about it, I just had to get out. Relax a little.” She glanced around. “That final tomorrow is going to be brutal.”
“Well, no one told you to major in Criminology.” The bartender set the Pink Lady in front of the redhead and she took a long sip. “You knew Professor Wormke’s class was no cakewalk.”
 “He’s such a stickler – such a perfectionist. I bet he gives all his students nervous breakdowns.” She turned her head slightly, then slid off the stool. “Say, I know what will help. I’ve got some change. Want to dance a little?”
The redhead set down her glass and ran her hands down her hips. “I haven’t danced in months, but Hell, why not? It’s always been a great way to take the edge off.”
He watched the two of them as they moved in time to the music, their hips gyrating in perfect rhythm, aware of the looks they drew from the males clustered around the bar area. Beneath the bar, he clenched and unclenched palms slick with sweat.
 Disgusting teases. Even if she’s not the one, I’ve a mind to teach her a lesson.
He squinted through the heavy layer of smoke to glance at the clock on the wall. 11:15 p.m. The time has come to find out if my hunch about you is right, my raven haired beauty. 

Hello!  I’m Toni LoTempio, author of Paranormal Romance/Romantic Suspense/YA Fantasy!  I’ve been writing ever since I was old enough to read, when I didn’t like the endings of the stories my mother read me I simply rewrote them J  Even though I write mainly in the paranormal genre, I have also written straight horror, as well as contemporary romance/suspense.

In 1995, I joined the staff of SUSABELLA PASSENGERS AND FRIENDS, a pulp magazine for collectors of antique children’s literature (Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, etc.)  Currently I’ve written over 300 articles for that magazine, and I was the first recipient of their Margaret Sutton Award for Distinguished Writing in 1998.  I joined the staff of NIGHT OWL REVIEWS IN January 2011 as the suspense reviewer/columnist.  My column, DARK STREETS, which features articles on suspense authors and their novels, is featured on a monthly basis. I love to spotlight new talent, so if you’re a suspense author, please contact me!

In 2007, Whiskey Creek Press published BOUND BY BLOOD, a tale of possession, and EBONY, which deals with zombies and the dark side of man. EBONY was #2 on the Fictionwise bestseller list for e-books for the month of July 2007, beating out Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story. (and no one was more shocked than I, LOL) In 2010, after countless attempts to land another agent, I took the advice of a fellow author HP Mallory, and self published NO REST FOR THE WICCA, which has been on Amazon’s list of top one hundred in Occult since March 2011.  My short story, THE SACRIFICE, appears in the e-published anthology KISS ME KILL ME, and I also have a YA fantasy, MY SUPERHERO SISTER on B&N and Amazon.  A complete listing of my books appears at the end of this bio.

Currently single, I work full time and live in Clifton, NJ, with  my muses:  Rocco, Maxx, Gata and Trixie.  (Rocco is also known as Rocco the SciFi Blogging Cat and has appeared on the SciFi Saturday Night website and radio show, and also on the Kids Need To Read website where he holds the distinction of being the first (and possibly only!) blogging cat to support this charity!)

I love hearing from fans, so please feel free to friend me on FACEBOOK, and visit my website,  Rocco and I post daily M-F on his blog,

Toni LoTempio Books:

Bound by Blood – Whiskey Creek Press, trade paperback & e-book, Feb. 2007 (paranormal suspense)
Ebony – Whiskey Creek Press, trade paperback & e-book, July 2007 (paranormal suspense)
Witch’s Pawn – Echelon Press, trade paperback & e-book, December 2008 (horror)
Nom de Plume – Whiskey Creek Press, trade paperback & e-book, November 2008 (contemporary romance)
It’s in the Cards – Whiskey Creek Press, e-book, February 2010 – (paranormal romance)
Out of the Ashes – Whiskey Creek Press, e-book, May 2010 – Fantasy
No Rest for the Wicca – Amazon & B&N Pub-It, e-book, September 2010 – paranormal suspense
My Superhero Sister – Amazon & B&N Pub-It, e-book, Trade Paperback - January 2011 – YA Fantasy

Kiss Me, Kill Me – Amazon & B&N Pub-It, e-book anthology –February 2011 – Short Story, “The Sacrifice”

Raven’s Kiss – Amazon & B&N Pub-It, e-book, & Trade Paperback April, 2011 – Paranormal Romance

Thanks so much to Toni for the wonderful guest post. Do check out her book, Raven's Kiss on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel or Smash Words.


Toni has been so kind to give me two ebook copies of Raven's Kiss to give to two lucky people. I love doing giveaways! They make you happy and in turn it makes me happy to see you happy so there, it's a win win for everyone :) So here's how to play:
  • For one entry leave me a comment with an email adress
  • For two entries follow my blog. If you already are a follower, thank you, let me know so I can give you the extra entry :)
  • For three entries tweet or blog  a link to this contest.
Be sure to let me know how many entries your in for and where I can find your blog or tweet. This giveaway is international since it's a ebook so everyone can join in on the fun! You have until June 26th at midnight to get your name into the hat.

Want know where Toni will be posting next on her Raven's Kiss Blog Tour?

June 26 – It’s All About Books


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